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I specialise in enamel jewellery. I love the way that light reflects through the enamel, and the intricate patterns that can be created. The rich and bright colours of the enamel add an allegorical quality to the jewellery. Each piece is unique and completely handcrafted. The enamelling techniques I use are a mixture of Basse Taille – a technique in which pattern is created in the metal backing before enamelling, Champleve – a technique in which the enamel is inlaid into impressions into the metal leaving the metal exposed, and Cloisonne – a technique in which metal wires are bent  and enamel is inlaid into the resulting cells. I use two types of settings – Bezel settings and fused settings. Both lend a distinct and different quality to the jewellery. In the bezel setting the enamel is created on a separate piece of metal and set in sterling silver like a traditional gem. The advantages of this setting are that the enamel is thicker and lends itself to a mixture of enamel techniques – particularly laying levels of silver or gold shapes so that the pieces have depth. While in a fused setting the shape of the setting is cut to a sheet of fine silver and fused (the two pieces are brought to melting point so they become one piece) to a base of fine silver. The advantages of this  setting is that the pieces are very light and lend themselves to being  flexible in shape.